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Jake Favor

Jake discovered Circling through Guy Sengstock & John Vervaeke in 2019, and he quickly became deeply engaged in both Circling & Dialectic into Dialogos. Since then, he has found an explosion of transformation and meaning through these practices and has become fervent about the cultivation of wisdom. After spending years adrift in the meaning crisis, he feels called to help others who are lost find direction and meaningful engagement with life.

Since overcoming his social anxiety through these practices, Jake now embodies the spirit of circling – consistently finding joy in listening for the shared humanity that binds us all together, and in hearing that deep sameness, recognizing in fuller richness the particularities that make us all beautifully different. He brings a unique combination of playful lightheartedness and a tender depth characteristic of an “old soul” to his work with clients.

Jake’s also a creative who’s made original music, a video series of folk songs recorded at historic sites around the US, and a blog that endeavors to bring acute philosophical insights into accessible language.

Additional Information

Circling School Affiliation
The Circling Institute
Personal Development, Spirituality, Philosophy, Dialectic into Dialogos, Character Cultivation, Creative Expression, and Ecology of Practices Formation
Services Offered
1-on-1 Sessions (Circling, Coaching, Transformative Inquiry, Mentoring), Group Circling, and Workshop or Retreat Facilitation
$75 - $150 Sessions (Varies by session lengths, package deals, or group work)
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