How ICF Serves

Although – at its core – the methods and techniques used in Circling® seems elegantly simple, it is actually quite complex and nuanced, especially from the point of view of leadership. This is why individuals undergo extensive training to get certified to do so. Given how many unknowns can happen with untrained practitioners, we highly suggest you learn and practice with the Certified Practitioners who have been licensed by The International Circling Federation and are listed on this site.

The International Circling Federation was created to ensure that all certified Circling Practitioners maintain the quality in their training and practice, so that the general public can trust they will receive the highest quality of service when they participate in Circling events and private coaching.

It also provides as space for Circling Practitioners to connect with Circling Enthusiasts across the globe in order to promote their  Circling services and events.

There are three main lineages of the Circling Approach. They all have similarities in their practices, yet are quite different in their techniques – with unique distinctions, variability in how Circles are run and held, what the focus is on, etc – so much so that each lineage is its own unique modality. In order to avoid confusion and to let you know what to expect, we have described the common principles, followed by each school’s description of their unique distinctions and approach.