What Happens in a Circle

A Circling session typically begins with an individual or group of individuals (typically 4-10) putting their curious & open attention on someone (the person or persons being “Circled”). The facilitator and/or participants notice what it’s like being with them, moment by moment. They share impact and observations, and co-explore what this person’s experience and world is like, essentially getting into deep relationship with what is most true and alive for them.

Participants in Circles don’t give advice or try to fix anyone. The intention is simply to connect with each other, to welcome and stay with “what is”, and to relax into the truth of our experience. By relating in the present moment – beyond stories, expectations and predetermined ideas about who you are – Circling® has the capacity to reveal your deeper more essential qualities and cultivate a profound connection.  As everyone engages with genuine curiosity and shares their personal experience of being with one another, you typically discover that who you are is much deeper…more intricate…than you have previously realized. Because of this, Circling® is often deeply nourishing and can lead to spiritual insights and awakenings.

The experience of “being seen” for who we authentically are is one of the most rewarding experiences we can have as human beings. Circling® teaches us exactly that­, how to see and celebrate each person for the unique flavor they bring to the world. And in meeting people exquisitely where they are it can often paradoxically lead to profound personal transformation.

In other forms of Circles, attention can flow from person to person… These are frequently referred to as “Organic”, “Surrendered Leadership” or “Living Room” Circles.