What is Circling?

Circling is the facilitation, training and/or coaching of a communication system based on authenticity, deep empathic listening and meditative presence.  It consists of a combination of distinct qualities, skills, and principles that strengthen both interpersonal communication & relational intelligence, and extend our perceptual range. This psychosocial technology creates a forum for mindful connection where individuals can get to know both themselves and one another more deeply, share the experience of this knowing with one another, and create mutual understanding, trust, psychological safety and intimacy.  It can also open doors for transpersonal experience and emergent collective intelligence within groups.  

Some additional capacities developed within the Circling training include:

  • Taking responsibility for our own experiences & how they influence our perspectives, choices, behaviors, etc
  • Relaxing in to the present moment without trying to change or fix anything
  • Openly exploring blindspots and/or unconscious ways of being
  • Allowing ourselves to be fully with our feelings (and the feelings of others) and expanding our emotional range
  • Combining compassion, care, curiosity with revealing our impressions & responses
  • Deepening our experience of the interconnected nature of reality